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DSD AC Wolfhound & Elk Track Pant - Womens Fit

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DSD AC Wolfhound & Elk Track Pant - Womens


  • The bespoke DSD Track Bottom is delivered by Wolfhound & Elk, a 100% Irish owned company who is focused on delivering no compromise quality gear which embraces both strong sustainability and ethical credentials 

  • Simple design in dark blue with single classic stripe on either side in clubs grey and the club logo on the side of the track bottom. 

  • Ideally suited to keep in your running wardrobe. Great for travelling to training and competitions, warms ups and cool downs 

  • Lightweight, soft polyester which is comfortable, and elastane waistband 

  • Zippered pockets on either side for storage 

  • Long side zippers mean you can pull them over your shorts and shoes quickly and easily 

  • Machine Wash max 30 C 

Wolfhound & Elk