How do I organise a sports club shop?

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How do I organise a sports club shop?

A club shop for a one off event is always a good idea but be careful they need to be carefully planned or can descend into a mess.

Usually a club will organise one of these for registration evenings, Christmas or an end of season party. 

It can take the form of a pre bought gear like jerseys or it can be an event where pre orders are taking. In some cases if demand is high you can do a mix of both. Be careful to avoid getting stuck with unsold stock. 

Main things to remember are: 

  1. Plan it as early as possible - talk to your supplier well in advance, identify what products to offer
  2. Make sure stock is available
  3. Let club members know in advance what is for sale and when you will be taking orders - Send out a flyer showing each item mocked up with pricing - see the images below
  4. Give yourself a week to get all the orders in - people always come after an event like this and order some extra items as they couldn't make it on the day
  5. Organise a particular time to get everyone's orders in. This can be after training, a match or on an evening.
  6. Make sure you get paid in full up front
  7. Get size rail of samples so people can try on the garments before ordering - that way no one can say it doesn't fit.
  8. Finally whoever your team wear supplier is - when distributing the garments afterwards its important they are labelled and bagged for whoever ordered them. 

If you want to know more contact either via email at or call me directly on 0879731470